Phillip is the main protagonist of Space Funeral. He is depicted as a crying human with a bald or shaved head and wears yellow pajamas.

Main Story

Phillip wakes up in Scum Vullage and finds out that the City of Forms have been corrupted, which means that the land of Space Funeral is also corrupt since everything in the land is connected to this city. Phillip joins forces with Leg Horse to defeat the artist known as Moon. In the second game, he and leg horse defeat the artists trying to revive moon's goal. In the third game, he and leg horse are sent from their purified world of space funeral to the scientific world of Earth Birth. With the help of dracula, they are able to return home. In the fourth game, they must use the toilet portals to get to the city of forms and find who has corrupted their world again.

Weapons For Phillip

  • Rusty Knife (Old and rusty blade. +4 attack)
  • Junkyard Knife (Grimy but useable knife. +8 attack.)
  • Hooked Knife (Unpleasent maiming knife. +13 attack.)
  • Silver Sword (Long and balanced sword. +17 attack)
  • Zorg Cannon (Future Death Machine. +30 attack.)

Defensive Items For Phillip

  • Cloth PJs (Worn and faded pajamas. +3 defense.)
  • Leather PJs (Stiff leather pajamas. +12 defense)
  • Mail PJs (Solid Mail pajamas. +18 defense)

Where to aquire items

In each location in the game, there is a Shopkeeper. They are sometimes located in random locations. 

To see maps of Shopkeepers and other things, see Maps.

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