Spooky Arm is an enemy found in the Bone Tunnels of Space Funeral. It is a bloodied yellow arm coming out of the ground that can only appear with Skull Crab.

In Battle


  • Grab
  • Attack


  • "PHILLIP sings a song! SKULL CRAB got DISTRACTED! SPOOKY ARM thought it was a bit INDULGENT!" [Inflicts Distract on Skull Crab]
  • "SKULL CRAB suddenly explodes! PHILLIP takes damage! SPOOKY ARM takes damage!" [Skull Crab Dies, Removes 10HP from Spooky Arm and Entire Party]
  • "SPOOKY ARM made an obscene gesture! PHILLIP feels SAD AND ALONE! SKULL CRAB pretends not to notice!"
  • "PHILLIP dealt a BERSERKER BLOW! SKULL CRAB took damage! SPOOKY ARM took damage!" [Removes 20HP from Skull Crab and Spooky Arm]
  • "SPOOKY ARM suddenly GRABBED Phillip! PHILLIP got GRABBED! SKULL CRAB shuffles distractedly!" [Inflicts Grabbed on Phillip]
  • "SKULL CRAB got up and left! PHILLIP was surprised! SPOOKY ARM was surprised!" [Skull Crab Flees]
  • "PHILLIP threw up on himself! SPOOKY ARM walked away in disgust! SKULL CRAB did nothing!" [Spooky Arm Flees]
  • "SPOOKY ARM told a riddle! PHILLIP became DISTRACTED! SKULL CRAB became DISTRACTED!" [Inflicts Distract on Phillip and Skull Crab]
  • "SKULL CRAB did some press-ups and became MUSCLED! PHILLIP was shocked! SPOOKY ARM looks away!" [Inflicts Muscled on Skull Crab]
  • "PHILLIP quoted an old, old song! SKULL CRAB got a heart attack and died! SPOOKY ARM got a heart attack and died!" [Skull Crab and Spooky Arm Dies]
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